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Buy Mens Costumes

We keep these men's purchase costumes stocked in NZ.
Buy one for this party and keep it stocked in your cupboard, ready for the next party you invite yourself to! Top Gun, 70s, gangsters...
The list of reusable forever costumes goes on!

Buy Where is Wally?
  • $79.00
Men's blue 70s jumpsuit costume with attached 70s inspired white and brown shirt
Buy 70s Groovy Dancer
  • $109.00
Superman costume with cape and muscle chest
Buy Superman Muscle Chest
  • $129.00
Buy Brave Musketeer
  • $99.00
Buy Teddy Boy Slim
  • $79.00
Blue, black and red Popeye costume with white and padded forearm muscles with anchor tattoos
Buy Popeye
  • $99.00
Buy Traditional Bavarian Rutger
  • $129.00
Buy Space Superstar David Bowie
  • $119.00
Captain America jumpsuit with boot tops, belt and half mask
Buy Captain America Deluxe
  • $139.00
Buy Zombie Plumber
  • $99.00
Buy Stand Out Sky High Suit
  • $129.00
SWAT costume with S.W.A.T. text on chest and hat
  • $139.00
Buy Woody Woodpecker
  • $159.00

Sold out

Buy Steve Harrington Stanger Things
  • $89.00
Buy Captain America Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • $129.00
Mad Hatter multi coloured costume with teal bow tie and green hat
Buy Wild Mad Hatter
  • $159.00
Buy Star Trek Original Sciences Uniform Shirt
  • $49.00
Buy Beer Fest Klaus
  • $109.00
Blue Superman jumpsuit from Dawn of Justice with red cape
Buy Superman Dawn of Justice
  • $119.00
Dark blue cop costume with hat and tie
Buy Authentic Cop Plus Size
  • $169.00
Kristoff costume from frozen, with hat and boot covers
Buy Kristoff Frozen
  • $179.00
Full body blue caterpillar costume with 12 legs
Buy Caterpillar
  • $350.00
Mens Arabian style costume in blue and black with feathered hat
Buy Arabian Desert Warrior
  • $139.00
Blue and yellow Saturday night live Ace jumpsuit costume
Buy Ace Saturday Night Live Ace and Gary
  • $109.00
Buy Blue Naval Seaman
  • $79.00
Pale blue surgeon costume with cap, mask and stethoscope
Buy Surgeon
  • $125.00