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We keep these men's purchase costumes stocked in NZ.
Buy one for this party and keep it stocked in your cupboard, ready for the next party you invite yourself to! Top Gun, 70s, gangsters...
The list of reusable forever costumes goes on!

Green Top Gun pilot overalls with glasses, dog tags and name tags
Buy Pilot Top Gun
  • $99.00
Buy Oktoberfest Guy
  • $89.00
Jamaican bobsleigh jumpsuit in black, green and yellow flag style
Buy Jamaican Hero
  • $99.00
Buy Khaki Camo Guy
  • $119.00
Buy Scrubs
  • $69.00
Mens 80s green retro shell suit
Buy 80s Retro Shell Suit Neon Green
  • $89.00
ER doctors uniform, hat and mask in green with white coat
Buy ER Doctor
  • $99.00
Buy Mens Wartime Officer
  • $119.00
Men's green, purple and blue 80s shell suit pants and top
Buy 80s Height of Fashion Shell Suit Guy
  • $89.00
Buy Ned Flanders The Simpsons
  • $169.00
Long green and black alien robe with full mask and long alien hands
Buy Alien Lord
  • $179.00
Buy Forest Outlaw
  • $99.00
Buy Alpine Bavarian Guy
  • $89.00

Sold out

Dipsy green Teletubbies costume with full head
Buy Teletubbies Dipsy
  • $109.00
Buy Hulk Infinity War
  • $119.00
Mad Hatter multi coloured costume with teal bow tie and green hat
Buy Wild Mad Hatter
  • $159.00
Buy Elf Onesie
  • $69.00