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We keep these men's purchase costumes stocked in NZ.
Buy one for this party and keep it stocked in your cupboard, ready for the next party you invite yourself to! Top Gun, 70s, gangsters...
The list of reusable forever costumes goes on!

Buy Where is Wally?
  • $79.00
Yellow crash test dummy costume with mask
Buy Crash Test Dummy
  • $169.00
Red and gold Christmas cracker costume
Buy Christmas Cracker Red
  • $159.00
Buy Rainbo Poncho
  • $79.00
Buy Authentic Poncho
  • $69.00
Buy Red Shirt Star Trek
  • $69.00
Superman costume with cape and muscle chest
Buy Superman Muscle Chest
  • $129.00
Buy Mr Anarchist
  • $99.00
Red pimp costume with animal stripe collar and cuffs, with matching hat
Buy Red Pimp
  • $149.00
Buy Zombie High School Boy
  • $89.00

Sold out

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air costume with cap
Buy 90s California Prince
  • $139.00
Woman's Christmas decoration bauble costume in red with snow flake pattern
Buy Christmas Bauble
  • $149.00
Buy Star Trek Next Generation Command Uniform Shirt
  • $49.00
Buy Star Trek Next Generation Operations Uniform Shirt
  • $49.00
Buy Bohemian Guy
  • $99.00
Muppets Animal costume with neck chain, full mask, gloves, drum sticks and top
Buy Animal The Muppets
  • $99.00
Buy Elf Onesie
  • $69.00
Indian Ali Khan brown and black costume with belt and hat
Buy Arabian Ali Khan
  • $139.00
Buy Scary Bo Bo Clown
  • $109.00
Buy Rock Guitar Hero Slash
  • $139.00