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Buy Mens Costumes

We keep these men's purchase costumes stocked in NZ.
Buy one for this party and keep it stocked in your cupboard, ready for the next party you invite yourself to! Top Gun, 70s, gangsters...
The list of reusable forever costumes goes on!

Dark brown Top Gun bomber jacket worn by a male
Buy Bomber Jacket Top Gun
  • $109.00
Freddie Mercury costume with yellow jacket and white pants with red and gold stripe
Buy Rock Star Freddie Mercury
  • $99.00
Buy Made in 80s
  • $79.00
Buy Rainbo Poncho
  • $79.00
Buy Authentic Poncho
  • $69.00
Men's black priest robe with red stripes and gold cross symbols
Buy Minister of Death
  • $119.00
Buy Brave Musketeer
  • $99.00
Buy Zombie Plumber
  • $99.00
Magician robe in black with Hogwarts style emblem
Buy Hocus Pocus Guy
  • $99.00
Mickey Mouse costume with red pants, open faced headpiece and glove
Buy Mickey Mouse
  • $119.00
Mad Hatter multi coloured costume with teal bow tie and green hat
Buy Wild Mad Hatter
  • $159.00
Muppets Animal costume with neck chain, full mask, gloves, drum sticks and top
Buy Animal The Muppets
  • $99.00
Indian Ali Khan brown and black costume with belt and hat
Buy Arabian Ali Khan
  • $139.00
Buy Mexican Bandit
  • $119.00