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Buy your next costume brand new in NZ and have it ready for your next popular theme.
Another 70s party? You'll be sorted this time and next. 80s? How about Top Gun or a Shell Suit? A huge range of choices.

Buy Nun For You
  • $49.00
Short black and white woman's Beetlejuice dress with wig and petticoat
Buy Miss Beetlejuice
  • $119.00
Floating ghost costume jumpsuit with see through mask, gloves and attached socks
Buy Floating Ghost
  • $119.00
Pirate costume with black and white stripe dress, red headband, waist coat and cuffs
Buy Pirate Maid
  • $69.00
Black and white pirate dress with gloves and eye patch
Buy Pirate Mistress
  • $89.00
Buy Madam Mime
  • $99.00
Buy Classy Convict
  • $89.00
Woman's Beetlejuice costume with hat and gloves
Buy Naughty Beetlejuice
  • $119.00
Buy Sexy Convict
  • $79.00
Buy Sassy Pirate Wench
  • $89.00


Pirate flag dress with rope collar and skull print
Buy Flag Me Down
  • $89.00
  • $71.20
Card suit dress with bunny tail, top hat with ears, puff sleeves and ruffle collar
Buy White Wonderland Rabbit
  • $109.00
Woman's army costume with camo pants and black singlet top
Buy Arctic Camo Girl
  • $99.00
Buy Sassy Shaun the Sheep