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Buy your next costume brand new in NZ and have it ready for your next popular theme.
Another 70s party? You'll be sorted this time and next. 80s? How about Top Gun or a Shell Suit? A huge range of choices.

Buy 80s Fashion Shell Suit
  • $89.00
Red and white striped Where's Wenda costume with blue skirt, hat and glasses
Buy Wenda Where is Wally?
  • $89.00
Buy Roaring 20s Girl Purple
  • $89.00
Buy Flapper Darling
  • $89.00
Short blue and red Ginger Power union jack dress
Buy Ginger Power
  • $54.00
Buy Trolley Dolly
  • $89.00
Long white plus size Roman dress with headband
Buy Olympic Goddess Plus Size
  • $129.00
Buy Fringe Flapper Long Red
  • $99.00
Buy Santa Girl
  • $109.00