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Here are some examples of typos, from just one hour of traffic and searches on Party Dudes.

  • Tinkerhell (A good fairy gone way bad?)
  • Goatbusters (I ain't afraid of no goat)
  • Udertaker (A cow without udders would be...udderlyuseless?)
  • Glaciator (A Roman mountain climber)
  • Sportacus (A Roman fitness freak)
  • Mad Batter (A guy who likes to fry everything he eats)

These were just the fun typos. Over a hundred 'miszspelerided' searches meant no results came up for the customers.

So we'd love to suggest clicking our categories instead.
We've done all the work for you.

Looking for any character from a movie? Jump into the Movies category!
Want to be a flapper? Click the 20s/30s/Gangster category.

And if you do want to type search, just type one word such as 'gangster' in the left search bar.
You'll get about 150 results.
If you also select a simple category such as 'Hire Ladies Costumes' from the drop down box, it will bring up just the ladies gangster costumes.

If however you type 'Gangster costume for woman in silver in size large'....let's just say you'll miss all of those results…
Google would show you a results page if you searched like that, but once you're on a website, keep it precise.

If there is a costume you can't find though, please email us and we'll be happy to help.

Oh and don't forget that if you're viewing a costumes description, you can scroll down the page, to view similar costumes and even partner costumes or accessories.