We’re now accepting crypto for your costume purchases!

We’re now accepting crypto for your costume purchases!

Exciting stuff for Hodlers and Traders.

Hide your diamond hands in your pockets for a moment (Because you still need to eat and party) and just use your nose to tap through the checkout with your favourite costume.

You’ll only need to swipe Tradingview into the background for a few moments we promise.
There’ll be no regrets letting costume FOMO take over in our store.

Party theme: To the moon!

Do costume parties stress you out? Running around thrift stores, getting scraps, doing a whole lot of DIYs; who’s got the time? Not to forget, if you have no creative skills, you might as well wear a paper bag on your head that says ‘dumb’ and call it a day. Well, if you’re in New Zealand then you might want to start looking forward to all those Halloween costume party invites! Party Dudes gives you the largest costume collection to choose from. Be it scary, quirky, or sexy, we’ve got it all! You might want to keep the children away for this one. We are also now accepting crypto purchases, so you might want to keep the boomers away for this one too!

What do we do?

Party Dudes lets you buy or rent costumes as you will and deliver them everywhere in NZ. We also have a premium hire service to let you be anyone for a night; now who doesn’t want to run away from themselves? Whether you live in a big city or a small town, our extremely fast and efficient delivery service will be there with no hassle. And since we operate only online, the only amount of work you have to do is to browse our website and choose which ghoulish or silly character you want to be for your night-out. We deliver fancy dresses and costumes only.

How do you pay?

Adding to the boring old-fashioned methods, we now accept crypto-currency for your purchases! Making transactions has never been easier. So if you want to finally start being a crypto customer, a fun costume is what you can start with. However, if you’re still not that futuristic you can make a traditional bank payment or by maxing out your credit card.
You could also post a cheque with snail post, which would arrive with us well after your party.
But at least you’ll have a costume ready for your next Retro or Stone Age party theme right?

So what are you waiting for? Party Dudes is the best excuse to throw that totally cool costume party you’ve always been too lazy to throw. Be anything you want to be with Party Dudes and get partying!