Costumes can arrive overnight.

Party Dudes is New Zealand based & owned with all stock held in NZ.
No waiting!

Purchase items are in stock and can be sent out immediately.
Other places only order in on demand and you may wait weeks.

Our hire costumes are in excellent condition.
We replace costumes often to stay ahead of any competition in terms of quality.

If you need a costume for Friday or Saturday night, you can send it back Monday morning.

Extra days can be added for only 10% extra per day.
Late returns that aren't pre arranged are $10 per day.

We're here in NZ and so are all of our awesome costumes.
Most other co.nz costume shops are located overseas and you will have to wait.

How to measure yourself


Don't use those horribly vague dress sizes.
Even manufacturers don't agree on what a size is.
A tape measure will tell you exactly where you're at right now.
And it won't sugar coat it by giving you a smaller number that would be of no use.

Don't use your jeans size. That's not your actual waist measurement.
Grab a tape and you'll be surprised. It'll be a bigger number.
If you're tall, don't get a jumpsuit! It won't reach over your shoulders.
And if you wear a large shirt for example, don't grab a medium costume.
It'll either tear or prevent you moving your arms.

Delivery Questions