Hire Conditions

Hire Conditions
Asterix Costume hireage is overnight or for the weekend (plus courier time)
Skull asterix No pinning, taping or altering of costumes, wigs or accessories is allowed.
Doing so may result in a charge up to the full purchase price of the item.
Skull asterix Costumes must be returned in the same condition received.
Skull asterix Bond does not cover replacement of lost or damaged items.
Skull asterix Additional charges may apply and the use of collection agencies,
(if needed) will be charged to the hirer.
Skull asterix Refunds not given for costumes not worn, or wrong sizes chosen.
Skull asterix Don’t wash the costumes.
Skull asterix

Please don't send the costume back wet.

Skull asterix Email us on arrival if you think something is damaged or missing. (NOT after wearing)
Notifying us after your stated event time of a problem will strictly not be accepted.
Eg. Emailing on Sunday morning to say there was a tear on arrival, will clearly not be accepted.
Emailing on Friday afternoon when the costume is delivered will be noted.
Skull asterix Hire charges of $10 per day will be added if not couriered on the day agreed.
Skull asterix If you have changed address, update it in your account before requesting an order.
Or advise us if you change it after.
We will not be responsible if this is not done.
Skull asterix If the return courier is not called to collect the costume in the morning, it will not be collected that day and be late back.
If sending from your works mail room, you must book the courier yourself.
Not booking it usually causes it to be collected by the wrong courier and go missing.
Skull asterix If sending back late, please don't use the excuse of 'Someone died in my family'
99% of late returns are for this reason and if it keeps up, kiwis will be extinct very soon.
Much like 'The dog ate my homework' :-)
Couriers will still collect no matter what's happened. (Unless someone died in their family...)


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