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Buy Mens Costumes

We keep these men's purchase costumes stocked in NZ.
Buy one for this party and keep it stocked in your cupboard, ready for the next party you invite yourself to! Top Gun, 70s, gangsters...
The list of reusable forever costumes goes on!

Green Top Gun pilot overalls with glasses, dog tags and name tags
Buy Pilot Top Gun
  • $99.00
Buy Elvis Las Vegas
  • $99.00
Buy Escaped Prisoner
  • $69.00
Men's black priest robe with red stripes and gold cross symbols
Buy Minister of Death
  • $119.00
Buy Elvis White With Cape
  • $109.00
Black Ravenclaw robe with logo and clasp
Buy Ravenclaw House Robe Harry Potter
  • $69.00
Buy Mr Anarchist
  • $99.00
Red pimp costume with animal stripe collar and cuffs, with matching hat
Buy Red Pimp
  • $149.00
Buy Zombie Plumber
  • $99.00
Buy High Seas Pirate
  • $119.00
Grey Pennywise clown costume with mask with orange hair
Buy Pennywise It
  • $129.00
Men's brown pirate coat, pants, hat, boot covers and mock shirt
Buy Scurvy Pirate
  • $119.00
SWAT costume with S.W.A.T. text on chest and hat
  • $139.00
Magician robe in black with Hogwarts style emblem
Buy Hocus Pocus Guy
  • $99.00
Dark blue cop costume with hat and tie
Buy Authentic Cop Plus Size
  • $169.00
Orange prisoner jumpsuit with number on chest
Buy Orange Prisoner
  • $89.00


Ventriloquist costume with fake head, mask, tie on puppet body, 2 hats with wigs
Buy Im No Dummy
  • $199.00
  • $129.00